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Sauna masters

Rain Pärnaste

I’m Rain, a sauna enthusiast and trainer. I remember my first sauna memories from childhood, when I used to go to the smoke sauna in the countryside every week. The sauna’s essence – its hot stove and the alluring scent of sauna whisks – has always fascinated me. In a sauna, people typically enjoy the steam, use whisks, and chat. But I offer more than that. For the last seven years, I have been conducting engaging sauna rituals for people and creating experiences that remain memorable for a long time.

Kristi Hinno

I’m Kristi, and for me, going to the sauna is much more than just a way to relax – it’s an essential part of taking care of my physical health. Over the years, regularly visiting the sauna has sparked in me a desire to share my experiences and knowledge about sauna traditions and their health benefits with others. My passion has led me into the wonderful world of saunas, where I now organize unforgettable sauna experiences. My goal is to offer others the opportunity to experience the deeper layers of a sauna visit, discovering its mental and physical benefits. I love the sauna and invite you too to be part of the wonderful world of sauna delights!

Tiina Mirka

My name is Tiina and I have been a yoga trainer since 2002. Kundalini Yoga charmed me and made me fall in love with this wonderful practice, and this love for Kundalini Yoga continues to this day. I have studied in France and India under various powerful yoga masters who have shared their invaluable knowledge and experience of yoga with me. Yoga plays an important role in my daily life, as a regular practice ensures both mental and physical balance. For me, yoga is a multifaceted contributor to a person’s health, being beneficial on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

In addition to yoga, I also believe in the power of sauna for the body, soul and mind. When you combine sauna and yoga, something extraordinary is born – sauna yoga! A short session on the sauna bench accelerates the benefits of relaxing stretches derived from the heat and strengthens the healing of the body through activating breathing exercises.

Indrek Himma

I’m Indrek, from the lineage of Himmade musicians, passionately dedicated to combining sauna culture with therapy. My background is in peer counseling, music, certified sound therapy, and teaching active meditation. The experience I offer is a therapeutic journey through saunas, where I use carefully selected therapeutic musical instruments. This combination, where sauna heat relieves physical tension and soothing sounds create harmony in the space, offers complete relaxation. My respect for indigenous culture and the healthy traditions of our ancestors has inspired me to incorporate runo songs into my rituals, often accompanied by a shamanic drum. My mission is to revive and preserve ancient, forgotten lifestyles that help achieve balance in body and soul, bringing power and joy there. I’m a sauna master characterized by music, mystical sounds, and song.

Johann Hermlin

Visiting the sauna has been my passion since childhood. I firmly believe that the secret to my good health lies in sauna visits, drinking homemade milk, and enjoying my grandmother’s delicious food. For over five years, I have been devotedly performing sauna rituals, finding true peace of heart in this activity. It takes no more than a couple of days before you’ll find me in the sauna again, waving a towel and sharing a warm embrace with people. I am a passionate and loyal friend, always finding the time and desire to help friends and loved ones. Currently, I’m a full-time student, but in my free time, I do a lot more – I go to the gym, play volleyball and tennis, and sing in the EBS choir. See you soon in the sauna!

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